Deidre McClain REALTOR®, GRI, CIPS Testimonials

"I have known Deidre for a very long time so I can attest to her attributes. First and foremost she is a welcoming individual. People gravitate to her magnetic personality. She is upbeat, positive and extremely likable. She always looks for the positives in her relationships. Deidre couples her personality with determination, great judgement and business skills. This makes her unbeatable.
Deidre focuses on the opportunity at hand and looks to service her clients with best possible solution that meets their needs. She does this by listening carefully and doing her homework. She is a research hound using every available channel including seeking out experts to make sure she has all the facts to make informed decisions. This enables her to understand the options, opportunities and risks so her clients receive the great insights during the decisioning process.
She continues with her formal education to stay abreast of the latest developments in her industry so she can meet her own high standards of providing her clients the best advice.
Deidre is a consummate professional with strong business skills, judgement and a wonderful personality. "

Chet Geveda


"Deidre has exceeded every expectation I had in working with an agent in the Florida area. Her attention to detail and an intuitive understanding of the market and our needs has made communication an ideal experience. A high level of persistence and professional manner continue to impress. I am highly satisfied with every aspect of real estate consultation and service offered by Deidre."

George Morgan


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